Who is Rich Love?

The Rich Love Band began as a fiction music group on January 1st of 2006 written into a screenplay called "An Amazing Dream." It is the story of a seeker's inner journey to the Master an Indian guru from India that claimed to be God incarnated. In real life there was such a God-Man named Avatar Meher Baba who influenced Pete Townshend of The Who to write "Tommy" the rock opera.

My vision for writing the screenplay was to take a modern day "Tommy" (Rich Love) and make him a rock star that leaves behind a life of self-destruction and follows the messages of love provided by the Ancient One. As the protagonist evolves in the story with his music he transcends the world by becoming as big as The Beatles. This is where we as an audience get to experience, on the big screen, how life might look if love and peace ruled the planet as described in John Lennon's song "Imagine." In the end, the hero is forced to face his true destiny of living with so-called bipolar disorder. Of course, at the time, I (Rich Hess) didn't know or understand what the climax was until I found myself lost inside my own imagination. So as I transfer dream into reality, I have written an eleven song concept album called "A MANIC MIND IS A BEAUTIFUL MIND."

I believe so deeply in this vision that I have legally changed my name from Richard James Hess to simply Rich Love. I'm working with professional musicians JR and Aisha Baker-Hartley at Home Bass Audio, recording the demos and final mixes posted on The Rich Love Band website. The project began in March of 2008 and completion is set for 2020 or sooner if I can find investors or a record deal.

I was born on September 7th, 1968 in Culver City, Los Angeles at 02:21 hours. I lived there for a period of five years then moved back to my single mother's home of Minneapolis. I grew up with music influences provided by my mother's boyfriend at the time Greg Stone (Alpha Production) the man who bought me my first guitar at age ten.  Shortly after I experienced myself in the presence of a young man known as Prince, my uncle Owen Husney was the one who taught me the two chords in The Who's "My Generation."

By my teens I found myself experimenting with LSD and other goodies while beginning my journey of reading Meher Baba books. As an adult I began injecting cocaine on and off for a period of fifteen years playing the role of a savage gentleman.  I have worked in all levels of security services including a brief encounter as a Hennepin County security dispatcher. In 2001, I landed a very cool job in security for the Minneapolis College of Art & Design which inspired me to try my hand at film acting and I have been involved with local film projects since then.

Two weeks after writing the outline of my screenplay I became extremely happy about my work and spent the following year in and out of the psych ward writing the songs while experiencing the fraud of psychiatry. Some of my tunes began around the time of 9/11, but when the smoke cleared I realized that all my music and lyrics connected on a higher level revealing a subconscious effort of creativity.

I had been clean and sober six months after 25 years of wandering before my hospital ordeal, but I had lost 60 lbs within four months prior due to using meth. These experiences set off something in my head and entered into my heart inspiring me to rise above hope by not believing the doctors and other people who don't realize that facts don't always reveal the truth. Every day I transcend a little more beyond my own personal limits. This album has been influenced by Pete Townshend's "Tommy" and John Lennon's song "Imagine." All the songs have been inspired by Meher Baba and my love to change and improve humanity.

This is the story of a seeker's inner journey to the Master. This is not a religious project; it does represent all the Avatars that walked the earth throughout history.

-Rich Love


So what is the big secret or meaning behind this tale?   What is the high concept?   If I told you they would lock me up inside a psych ward and diagnose me with some kind of incurable mental illness disease that would require a lifetime of medications. 

"Providers of psychiatric care are good sincere people doing their best and someday I truly believe we will all find a better way to help those in need."

-Rich Love

"All religions should be seen as equal, but love is beyond all religions and individuals.   Like you, I'm a drop from the ocean of love."

-Rich Love

"Unless you lose the 'I' that you think you are, you cannot see and become God.  Because where you are, God is not."

-Avatar Meher Baba

(As Only God Can Love/Become What You Are – Page 216)