1. Somewhere, Someway, Somehow
  2. Dig It
  3. Wander
  4. Empty Road
  5. We'll Be Fine
  6. Begin
  7. Love Revolution
  8. At The Wind's Mercy
  9. Dark Cloud
  10. He Gave You His Love

Written by Rich Love:

Somewhere, Someway, Somehow
Everything tracks
On this road of running flats
All the big dogs have gone to sleep
Beautiful bodies off their feet
We all shine somewhere beyond the stars
We all rise far, far within our own hearts
Nothing records
On this road of psych wards
This little tiger had done sane
Beautiful magic has lost its game
We all shine someway beyond the moon
We will rise far, far within & pass the sun
We can do anything
We can find music within a note
We can begin & begin again
We can find something so remote
We all shine somehow beyond ourselves
Yes, we will rise far, far within ourselves
Right on
Right on
Right on

Dig It
I can't help, but shed a tear
Every time I read the paper
Every time I watch the TV news
I just want to pick up my six string and sing the blues - dig it
Every single day somebody cries
Each and every day somebody dies
Murder on channel 9, suicide on 5
Seems to me I'm in a cesspool, I'm just fighting
Fighting to stay alive
I've just been sued, again
Every single day someone rolls the dice
Each & every day someone pays the price
Every single day danger in the street
Each & every day seems so bittersweet
We can't help, but shed our blood
For the cause of modern love
For the divine heaven above
We should serve somebody beyond ourselves - dig it (Chorus)

Did you find a new bridge
Did you make it across
Did you give it a chance
Or was it another loss
Did you feel it give way
Did you see a blue sky
Did you dream it was real
Or were you flying too high
Lost on a ship out at sea
Secrets are kept from you and me
Lost on a trip behind a veil
Tears are wept as we set sail
But I still can't help to wonder
Why I must go on a wander
Did you climb a mountain
Did you go the distance
Did you reach a lighthouse
Or was there some resistance
Did you hold someone close
Did you watch a sunset
Did you rise above hope
Or were you filled with regret
Why must I wander
Why must I wander

Empty Road
Fire trucks in the distance
Screaming a song
An emergency looming
Something is wrong
It's burning away
With every second of every moment
It's tearing the fabric in two
Never seems to slow down
on this empty road
Helicopter hovering
Someone on the run
Just another day
Melting in the sun
It's spinning around on the empty road
Military protection
Aiming at targets
An outside force
Never forgets
It's ticking along on this empty road

We'll Be Fine
I wanna share my life with you
Explore the wonders of something true
There may be rough days down the road ahead
But with you by my side I know that we'll be fine
I wanna spend my time with you
Discover a world we never knew
We can embrace these crazy times
Because our love is strong I know that we'll be fine
I feel like a child of love
Nothing will ever come between us
We can be happy and victorious
The evil minded are on the run
And we're still standing here as one
I feel like a child of God

I know what You need from me
It's all so clear
Your fire burns deep within
It's time to begin
Sometimes I struggle hard
As You have seen
Your love is reeling in
It's time to begin
Some people get themselves so caught up living in the everyday world
They never give themselves a chance to begin to do what is right
There are some of us that just carry on and let the day pass until it reaches night
While others get lost in the darkness and never find their inner light
You can see I'm hanging on
Like a button on a coat
You're the thread that keeps me in
It's time to begin
Some people get themselves so hung up living in their mundane life
They never give themselves the hope to begin to use their insight
The rest of us just keep moving on and let the love grow within
While others wander and never rise above to join together in the fight

Love Revolution
If I told you how I feel would you laugh at me
If I revealed the things I know would you walk out on me
When you find a little time will you ease my mind
Don't be so hard if I appear to be in a daze - I just might amaze
Love revolution coming down on you
Love evolution turning the tide
Love revolution we don't need to feel blue
Love solution all across the country side
You know why this has to be
We don't need to run & hide can't you see
If I smile with a tear would you blame me
If I fall into the clouds would you catch me
When you get a little time will you be mine
If you give peace a chance will you come to the dance
Love revolution reigning over on us
Love evolution turning back the tide
Love revolution don't you miss the bus
Love solution deep within your hearts

At The Wind's Mercy
Do you ever feel like you're being guided
Blown around like a leaf in a world that's two-sided
Have you ever found yourself stuck between the valley
That's where I found myself and sweet Sally
At the wind's mercy
Let me drown away the past
At the wind's mercy
We need love to last
Sometimes my tears run deeper than the of ocean
And all my fears hide the only real notion
If I could take back all of the pain and it's cause
I'd do it again just for your love and applause
At the wind's mercy
That's where I'll be
At the wind's mercy
Love is always free

Dark Cloud
There's a dark cloud
Hiding within you
With multicolored light - just waiting
To shine bright
So when it all comes down to
Just being another day
Remove your umbrella - and let in
Heaven's way (heaven's way)
If you see the signs inside you
Don't worry, they will guide you
If you feel your head spinning
It's just your heart always revealing with love
There's a dark cloud
An UFO transcending
Where there is no time or space
Only our Supreme Human Race
(Hey - Hey Yeah)
If you feel the signs inside you
Don't ya worry, they will help you
If you feel your head exploding
It's just your heart always reeling with love
If you offer all of your ♥️ to Him
The hands of time will vanish like vapor from above
Some will have to perish
But all will return back Home
Going back Home
There's a dark cloud
Hiding within you
With multicolored light - just waiting
To shine bright (shine bright)
They will guide you
Let Them guide you
They will guide you
Let Them guide you

He Gave You His Love
Do you know what it's like
To never give up
Could you imagine His Love
If you drank from His Cup
I just want to be free
And never have to worry
Change my life on Your time
So I'm never in a hurry
He gave you His love
Will you take it on
He wants you along
Will you sing His song
Do you hear His voice
Calling you to Him
He's an ocean of love
You must learn how to swim
He gave you His love
Will you take it on
He wants you along
Will you sing His song
Do you know what it's like
To never give up